The importance of Gas Safe

What used to be Corgi is now Gas Safe. Gas Safe regulation means that anyone who is working on gas central heating in the UK and charging for it MUST be a member of Gas Safe. We only use Gas Safe registered heating engineers and so should you!. Check if your plumber is Gas Safe registered by going to this link

Leeds Gas Central Heating repair The importance of Gas Safe

Are your applicances being checked by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer?

It’s important to note that one in six homes in the UK have a faulty gas appliance! This could cost lives. Dangers in your home could come from a gas cooker, a gas boiler, or a gas fire. Don’t mess with your families safety. Make sure your appliances are serviced by a Gas Safe heating engineer.

We recommend but there are others on the market local to you. Check the Gas Safe register and be sure.

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