Guide to Renting in The Docklands

How to rent in the Docklands

Docklands  The Overview

The docklands is located in the  east side of London  Over the last 20 years the area has seen a huge amount of regeneration and now hosts the tallest building and some of the largest companies in the UK.

The docklands has excellent public transport links as you would expect including the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) which is now extended over to the London City Airport, which is the closest airport to Central London.  Also with the recent London 2012 Olympics bid there are further regeneration plans to be implemented for the games.

The whole face of the area has changed dramatically with the inclusion now of some of the most expensive apartments in London with views over the Thames and beyond.  The Docklands also has the London Excel exhibition centre and numerous places for entertainment including traditional pubs and modern bars and restaurants.

For more information on the docklands visit the link below.

Docklands Information and Services

Renting Property in Docklands

The docklands as you would expect has everything for the modern person and the property is no different.  Rental property in the docklands is most likely to be in apartments and there are plenty of new developments to choose from.  The prices vary depending on the size of the property and the location ie/ a penthouse suite in the central business district may cost more to rent.

In order to carry out your rental search it is most important that the first task to carry out is know your budget.  Remember that there are costs that you will occur each month that you need to take into consideration, these include amenities which will include council tax, electricity, gas and water.  There may also be charges for parking your car (if you have one) the congestion charge and some of the apartments may even have a maintenance charge.  Also dont forget that it is highly likely that you will need to have 1 months rent in advance and 1 months deposit on the day of move in.

Get the Knowledge

Before taking on the task of visiting the letting agents why not take the time out to do some research.  It will help you asses the market conditions and make sure that you know roughly what you should be paying for your rental property.  The best place to start your research is in the comfort of your own living room.  This can be done in one of two ways either by obtaining a copy of the local paper for the area and checking the adverts and property details. Or even better (if you have the internet) is to check on line.  The internet will have answers to every single question that you have.

Ideally you will want to obtain a good sample of property and apartments for you to make the best judgment.  You could go to the search engine and type in letting agents Docklands or apartments for rent in Docklands and get a huge list of sites.  Or alternatively why not use a property letting directory or property letting portal.

What services can you expect from Property Portals.

There are a number of key services made available by residential letting property portals, the main ones are listed below.

Multiple Emailing Service

Email service to all agents advertised on the site, sending details of your requirements.  The agent then contacts you with property details that may apply.

Some great portals in the include the following:

Letting agent and private rental in London

Letting agents and rental in Manchester and Liverpool

Letting agents in Leeds

Once you are happy with the research then, if you have already found a property/properties of interest on the internet contact the letting agent and arrange a viewing..  If not then you may consider visiting the letting agent website directly and registering your details with them or making a trip to the town to visit the agents personally.  Remember that it is also best to visit a property at different times of the day in order to get the overall picture of the area.



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