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Letting Agents form the basis of any buy-to-let industry since they can either distract or attract your potential tenants. A good letting agent can prove to be beneficial for your property irrespective of your status i.e. a buyer or a land owner, a landlord or a tenant. If you are a landlord & looking for a potential tenant at a reasonable property rental price then your letting agent can serve the purpose. Similarly, the former is equally beneficial to a tenant since they help seeking a good property to rent out. Furthermore, when a landlord is benefited from a potential tenant through any letting agent & vice versa, his next role is to act as a mutual connection between the two during rent collection. Hence, hiring good letting agents can always prove beneficial whether you are a landlord or a tenant.  If you are looking a good letting agents that take a look at finding a local company because they really work hard for their clients.

Letting Agents – Make The Agreement Process Smoother  

Letting agents comes from the facilitator like UK based term, which is considered as an agreement held between the tenant and landlord regarding the rental of the residential property. Tenancy agreement is also considered as the official agreement that is made between these two parties and gets positive approval in this region as well. In this regard, letting agents or agency can basically charge for service commission for their assistance regarding entire matter, which can be calculated through the annual rent. Letting agents can be managed under the Estate Agent as per the synergies, which can be made between two professionals. However, there are many agents also available who can make the deal with the lettings. If the letting agents charge the prospective & current tenants get regulated? If there are any fees charged for prospective and current tenants? IT is at present & and emotive subject for people linked with lettings industry, landlords, tenants, and agent alike.

Some facts to know:

  • The non charity businesses need to make the return on shareholders investment and face going out of the business.
  • Each business even the charities have the overheads & expenses that are incurred during operation of business.
  • The regulation gives an ability for somebody to have the complaint listened against the set of rules and scope for the compensation.
  • The regulation does not stop the unscrupulous people and businesses or else people behaving in the criminal way. The people or businesses can continue ignoring the rules and operating in the way, which is unfair.
  • The prospective renters do very little or else no checks about the agent or else landlord prior to they choose the property.
  • There is not any rule who may become the letting agent and there are different regulations that the letting agents need to adhere at.

Some outcomes in case, overbearing rules come in operation.

Market rents might increase in case, landlords need to pay the higher fees and it is possible to cost the long term renters little more than value of upfront fees.

More vulnerable renters are not possible to benefit from the intended protection by increased rule since they fail in qualifying to rent by the professional letting firms as well as have very little choice but deal with the unscrupulous landlords that fail license HMO’s & carry out the illegal evictions. The overbearing rules might result in the restriction of the choice for the prospective renters.

Advice for the Prospective Renters

  1. Just rent the property from private landlord that is the accredited member of National Landlord Association and Residential Landlord Association.
  2. Just rent the property from the agents that are the members of Property Ombudsman. TPO has the strict code on practice and can investigate the complaints about the agents practices.

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